TV: True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, Silicon Valley



So, it’s time to say goodbye to two very different series this week. With True Blood, (Fox, Monday 9pm) it is merely the beginning of the end. This final season is only 10 episodes long, a signal perhaps of a series that had gone past its sell by date. Charlaine Harris wrapped up her Sookie Stackhouse novels last year with a somewhat disappointing pairing so it will be very interesting to see if the True Blood will follow suit. Monday’s episode opens with Arlene attempting to escape from the basement where the Hep-V vampires are holding the residents of Bon Temps. Plenty of gratuitous nudity from Alexander Skarsgard and co will keep everyone happy as we see this series out to the end.

how i met your mother final

I may have invested too much of my time in How I Met Your Mother, but who could resist a show with alumni from Buffy, Freaks and Geeks and Dougie Howzer himself ? Certainly over its 9 season run it’s had its high’s and lows. But now we have eventually met ‘The Mother’ and on Thursday (E4, 8.30pm) we bid farewell to Ted, Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily. This last episode was not the legend…wait for it…ary exit that fans had hoped and it was critically panned when it premiered in the US a few months ago. There had been plans to make a How I Met Your Father series starring mumble core darling Greta Gerwig but it never made it past the pilot stage. The last episode is being shown with an opening E4 commissioned look back , including interviews with the stars of the show. So, the question remains, now that Ted has met ‘The Mother’, had a gentleman’s family, will he have the happily ever after?


Silicon Valley (Wednesday, 9pm , Sky Atlantic) is a new series from the creator of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill, Mike Judge. But this is a live action satire turning its gaze on the Tech industry. Thomas Middleditch stars as Richard, a coder who accidentally creates a piece of game changing software. Another Freaks and Geeks alum pops up in this one in the shape of Martin Starr, who was last spotted in the Veronica Mars movie. The 8 episode series premiered on HBO in the states and has had a very good reception with 84% rating on metacritic and 96% certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. Well worth catching.



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