New Movie Releases – 23-05-14

Fading Gigolo

Lots of new releases, and lots of bases covered. We’ve got mutants and folk singers, Gigolos and Skate boarders and everything in-between. So, without further ado… here comes the noise!

Fading Gigolo – Fioravante decides to become a professional Don Juan as a way of making money to help his cash-strapped friend, Murray. With Murray acting as his “manager”, the duo quickly finds themselves caught up in the crosscurrents of love and money.

Director: John Turturro
Writer: John Turturro
Stars: John Turturro, Woody Allen, Sharon Stone

Metacritic – 57%

Hill Street – The evolution of skateboarding culture in Ireland since the late 1980s.

Director: Jj Rolfe
Stars: Tony Hawk, Damien Cody, Wayne Gallagher

Irish Times – 3/5

Heli – Heli must try and protect his young family when his 12-year-old sister inadvertently involves them in the brutal drug world. He must battle against the drug cartel that have been angered as well as the corrupt police force.

Director: Amat Escalante
Writers: Gabriel Reyes (screenplay), Amat Escalante (screenplay)
Stars: Armando Espitia, Andrea Vergara, Linda González

Metacritic – 59%

X-Men – Days of Future Past – The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.
Director: Bryan Singer
Writers: Simon Kinberg (screenplay), Jane Goldman (story)
Stars: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman

Metacritic – 75%

The Punk Singer – A look at the life of activist, musician, and cultural icon Kathleen Hanna, who formed the punk band Bikini Kill and pioneered the “riot grrrl” movement of the 1990s.

Director: Sini Anderson
Stars: Kathleen Hanna, Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon

Metacritic – 75%

Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis – A concert inspired by the Coen Brothers’ film, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ which is set in the 1960s Greenwich Village folk music scene, featuring live performances of the film’s music, as well …

Director: Christopher Wilcha
Stars: The Avett Brothers, Scott Avett, Seth Avett…

IMDB – 7.8

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