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Mac Demarco – Salad Days – Review

Mac Demarco Salad Days

This is Mac’s 3rd album under this moniker, although there are a variety of self released albums and other odd collections in existence. Mac Demarco is his stage name and he is known Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV to his Mum. He is named after his great-grandfather, Vernor Winfield Smith ‘who was the Minister of Railways and Telephones in Alberta in the 1920’. I can’t help but think he’s something of a disappointment to his parents! I’m sure they were expecting someone that would knuckle down and be a ‘doctor or a lawyer man‘, but instead they get the heir to the lo-fi crown!

I didn’t get Mac Demarco until I’d seen him live, there was something about the experience that moved him onto another level, and meant I’d never doubt what he did again. I was expecting an average gig of a band playing their new album. Instead what I got was a night of complete madness. Random covers of 80’s bands that stop mid song played by the insane court jester Demarco and all the while the crowd went crazy for it.

Mac  is a man that captures a groove and sticks to it. This a collection of songs for guitar/ keyboard and drums, with his own smooth voice that rumble along nicely. Nothing explodes or even dazzles, but if you’re willing to open up to the delicate lo-fi sounds, you’ll enjoy what you hear. Give this a chance and see him live if you possibly can! He’s an artist I expect to last, someone that seems to love what he does and the world seems to be slowly sitting up to take notice.

‘Salad Days’ tracklist:

‘Salad Days’
‘Blue Boy’
‘Let Her Go’
‘Goodbye Weekend’
‘Let My Baby Stay’
‘Passing Out Pieces’
‘Treat Her Better’
‘Chamber of Reflection’
‘Go Easy’
‘Johnny’s Odyssey’

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