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Mac DeMarco – Workman’s Club – 19-05-13 – Review

Mac - Workman's Club

On entering the venue last night, I was greeted by one of the strangest sites I’ve seen in recent times. Sean Nicholas Savage on stage, looking like an office worker at an after hours karaoke party, and he was giving it large! Wearing a suit and white shirt, he cut an unusual figure on the stage. The synth music and drum machine accompanying him was tinny and very 80’s but that was intentional.  Really it was all about Sean’s performance as he threw shapes and sang/ screamed on stage, not always in tune or in time with the music. Many entering the venue stood for a minute before turning on their heels and heading back to the bar but those that stayed couldn’t look away! It was one of the oddest performances I’ve seen recently, but you couldn’t argue that he lacks passion. The crowd loved him and he’s one of the few support acts that played an encore, such was the reaction of the audience! He’ll either end up a giant of world music or just the crazy guy working in your local shop. I hope it’ll be the former and not the later!

Mac DeMarco took the stage with his three other band members (guitar, bass and drums) and looked a typical rock singer by comparison! He started into a set of songs from his first two albums and played a number of his best known songs such as ‘Ode to Viceroy’ (a brand of cigarettes) and ‘Cooking up something good’. The crowds reaction was immense throughout, and it’s one of the first time I’ve seen people moshing at the Workman’s club! It’s not really the type of music I’d expect people to pogo to, but there they were, bouncing for all they were worth.

At some point during the night, he started into various cover versions, which would start with him impersonating the singer in question in terms of vocal and playing style. We were brought from ‘Message in a bottle’ to ‘Tears in heaven’ to ‘Taking care of business’ and then to a punk version of ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles, along with a few rap and heavy metal numbers I couldn’t place. They would sometimes last no more than a minute, while others were played all the way through. It was really just a bunch of young musicians on stage, enjoying themselves and messing around, but the humor and feel good vibe carried to the crowd and all seemed to be loving it. There was even time for a rendition of Happy Birthday to Anna, the hipster chick who managed to let Mac know it was her birthday. She was pulled up on stage, and left it by crowd surfing to the back of the room!

It was a surprisingly wild and enjoyable night, as I was expecting something quite tame in comparison, similar to the video below, with their laid back surfer rock played with good spirits. While it was nothing like expected, I think everyone left the Workman’s club smiling. For the encore, Sean Nicholas joined the band on stage for one last cover. It was a night to remember for many reasons and one of the more unusual and enjoyable gigs of recent times!

There are six albums on Sean Nicholas Savage’s bandcamp site, all available at ‘name your price’. See what you think!

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