TV Review- Milk, Cloverfield, True Detective, Shetland


The TV is back and much rejoicing has been going on since Thursday. The catch-up facility is nowhere to be seen however, but for good measure I got the movies for a month so at least I didn’t miss out on this years Oscars. They weren’t particularly exciting were they? And little was made of Jennifer Lawrence shouting at the audience like a mad woman when she went to present whatever award she gave out. To be fair I was just transfixed by Jared Leto. How can one human being be so beautiful….sigh……

Tonight TV has two great movies to choose from. You like bio-pics? Then Milk          ( BBC2, 11:30pm) is for you. Based on the life of gay-rights campaigner Harvey Milk who was the first openly gay man to hold public office in the US before he was murdered in 1978. Sean Penn plays Harvey and it is a charismatic and moving performance. You like Sci-Fi? Then Cloverfield (12am Channel 4) is for you! Matt Reeves 2008 monster movie is shot with that handheld digicam feel and starts at a farewell party in New York when a sudden bang and earth shudder heralds the arrival of the monster who begins to trash the city and spew out giant, people-eating spiders into the Big Apple. Great stuff.


True Detective is on tonight also on Sky Atlantic at 9pm. Marty and Rusty continue to make enquiries into the ritual murder. During a search of the dead body files in search of  similar cases to Lange’s murder and find one that shares elements of the crime, giving them a lead. It’s not too late to start watching this sublime series. It’s good to see that McConaughey has thrown off the shackles of his romantic “comedy” past and is getting his teeth into some fantastic roles.


Shetland is a BBC Scotland crime drama returning for it’s second season on Tuesday night, 9pm on BBC1. Douglas Henshall stars as DI Jimmy Perez who is leading the investigation into a teenage girl whose body is found on a beach. The brilliant Brian Cox also starts in tonight’s episode as the loner who lives on a hill overlooking the beach. Obviously the lead suspect? A contender to the throne of Scandi-police procedural’s.


And I’ll just leave you with this…..


Jared Leto Oscars 2014

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