Stargaze – Helix – 9th March 2014

Kasia 2 bez tla-002

The best of Poland hits the Helix, with three of the best coming to Dublin for one night only…

“the very first time the three top vocalists from Poland will be performing together at one gig. The three artist include Kadia Nosowska, Maria Peszek and Monika Brodka. Three different styles, three different performers, three different bands one exquisite musical adventure. This is a treat to any music aficionado.”

You can find full details on the Stargaze website here.

bann1 z logiem

Kasia Nosowska (proun: kaisha nosoFska)

Nosowska is the lead singer of the Polish rock band HEY. She is also known for her solo career, which in contrast to Hey’s guitar-driven rock delves more into electronica. Nosowska started her career in early ‘80s and instantly became very popular in Poland. Till now Nosowska has released six albums. She is an outstanding lyrics author, accurately describing the reality. She received many awards and holds the record for the largest number of Fryderyk awards (Polish Grammy), including multiple wins in categories Author of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.

Maria Peszek

Maria released her debut album “Miastomania” in 2005 in collaboration with Wojtek Waglewski that was accompanied by a theater performance in Warsaw’s Cane Factory (Fabryka Trzciny).

In October 2012 Maria released “Jezus Maria Peszek” a work of art that is uncompromising, daring and extremely poignant. This intransigent and rebellious album moved it’s listeners, challenging them to the core. Maria Peszek’s unapologetic and out spoken album did not leave anyone indifferent; some felt enlightened, others felt anger, everyone felt something.

“We knew that the new material had fantastic potential, but it turned out that “Jezus” is a live firecracker! It’s an amazing feeling when you’re standing on the stage it’s exhilarating when people sing louder than you. Such emotional audiences, shows that what I do makes sense. If you get such a huge response from the other side, I know it was worth it to expose my music, to be attacked and go my own way. ”

Monika Brodka

Having garnered all the prizes Poland’s music industry has to offer and constantly touring all over the country and selling out albums, it’s time for BRODKA to push boundaries.

“Her fearsome natural talent has always been apparent but didn’t find its full expression until third album, Granda. Drawing on electro, rock and roots music, but remaining resolutely pop in its approach and execution, the record has a vitality and adventurousness that puts most of Poland’s alt-rock acts to shame.”

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