Collaborations 2014 – This is it – Smock Alley

This is it

This is a play that deals with the simple events of life, and tries to put them into perspective with a humourous, light touch. We are shown the various nights in and out, chats, minor dramas and the series of small events that make up a life. There is no grand story arc here, just a tale of life in modern Ireland told from the perspective of someone in their early 20’s.

Alex (Siobhan Cullen) is a young woman trying to find her place in the world. She has recently left college and finds that she is over qualified or not cool enough for the majority of jobs she applies for.  She also makes poor decisions in her love life, with the cocky Steve holding a fascination that it is clear he doesn’t deserve. She lives in a small flat with her best friend Steph and just can’t seem to figure it all out.

The set is sparse and consists of a couple of old sofas and a variety of other chairs around the stage. The lighting varies the scene, and helps move Alex from one location to another. One of the more interesting parts of this play is the use of music, with Cameron Macaulay responsible for the sound design (and also playing a number of the small parts). As you enter the theatre, all the cast members are already on stage, looking bored rigid and playing various instruments!

The six cast members of this play take on a variety of parts. Alex is the only constant, with all the other actors getting to show their range, changing from one scene to the next. Rachel Gleeson and Genevieve Hulme-Beaman stand out in this impressive young cast.This is it - Just the lads

This play is part of the Collaborations Festival in Smock Alley which runs until March 8th. ‘This is it’ finished yesterday, February 22nd.

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Director: Sarah Bradley

Writer: Erica Murray

Producers: Darren Sinnot and Liadain Kaminska (Just The Lads)

Sound Design: Cameron Macaulay

Light design: Ilo Tarrant

Set and Costume Design: Liadain Kaminska

Cast: Siobhan Cullen, Rachel Gleeson, Jamie O’Neill, Genevieve Hulme-Beaman, Cameron Macaulay

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