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Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son – Album Review


Amazingly, this is Damien’s 11th studio album, with the first being released in 1997. Another performer that has endured where many others have fallen in his wake. He must be doing something right to have continued for as many years as this. ‘Brothers and Sisters…’ is his seventh release on Secretly Canadian, and is a full sounding, complex album. Damien is someone I’d associate with a singer/ songwriter stripped down sound, but there’s little of that on display here. This has the feel of a major release by an established artist, with all the bells and whistles intact.

The album was produced by Richard Swift at National Freedom Studios in Cottage Grove, Oregon, as can be seen in the video below. There seems to have been a conscious decision to create the sound of another era. This could be the lost album of a 60’s soft rock band, and doesn’t sound like a new release. The effects on the vocals, layering of the tracks and organs used all throw up images of psychedelic hippie chicks in tie dye shirts. It’s an interesting choice, and most of the album holds true to the sound, with the few tracks towards the end feeling stripped or bare.

It’s a warm, rich sound and an interesting development for someone I would associate with less tricks and gimmicks. His standard approach is that of unadorned songs, drawing you into his lyrics and feeding off his delicate vocals and guitar playing. Still, it’s a positive that he is embracing change and doing something different, I’d only be complaining if he did otherwise!

Damien plays Whelans on March 5th.

You can hear the album in full here.

No. Title Length

1. “Magic Number” 3:10

2. “Silver Timothy” 3:18

3. “Return to Maraqopa” 2:50

4. “Metallic Cloud” 3:27

5. “Jericho Road” 3:42

6. “Silver Donna” 6:08

7. “Silver Malcolm” 3:23

8. “Silver Katherine” 3:27

9. “Silver Joy” 3:09

10. “Suns In Our Mind” 2:12

Read Father John Misty’s essay on the album here.

Damien is out of his goddamn mind.

This isn’t a recent development, but it’s an important aspect of his work that often goes ignored. In place of this key element is the idea that his music is a sober and in-depth excavation of the American landscape and rural psyche. Well, folks, I’m sorry, but it’s not. In other words: there is no railway station east of Ohio…. read the rest here.

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