Everything must go now – Hugh Lane Gallery – 18-01-14


This is the closing event of the Bubblewrap game in the Sleepwalker series, that promises to deliver free food, music and of course art (well, it is in an art gallery). It’s hard to know exactly what you’ll get to see or do, but it’s probably still worth checking out!

Music:” Pádraic E. Moore will score a soundtrack for the final hours of the exhibition. Using vinyl records and a set of turntables, Moore will generate a collaged column of sound that transforms the sculpture hall into a reverberation chamber.”

Food: “Chef Kevin Powell, founder of Guerrilla Gruel, will produce a reduced, minimal 6 course banquet which will be available to the public all afternoon. It will be served on a correspondingly minimal ‘long table’ that will bisect the elegance of the Sculpture Hall”

Free: It’s Free

Full details of the event (although it’s pretty hard to work it out!) can be found on the Hugh Lane Website here.

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane – 1pm — 4pm |Saturday | January 18th | 2014

Categories: Art, Free, Gigs, Music

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