New Movie Releases – 17-01-13


This is another week with one big hitter and then very, very little else. Are they scared? I guess so, but you’d think there would be more movies from another genre, art house ones or kids ones or the like, who knows.

Yes, today is the day that we see the release of a Martin Scorsese masterpiece? His new release anyway, as the Wolf of Wall Street finally hits the cinemas this side of the world. We seem to have been hearing about this one for the best part of a year, but it is now make or break time for it. It’s a tale of hedonism and excess with slightly corrupt stock brokers on Wall street (are there any other type?). Our Matthew Barks loved it, but there is the odd average review lurking around.

Warning – Bring extra cushions, get the extra big slurpy. Yes, it’s 3 hours long!

Metacritic – 75%


“After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy.” Ahem, Rosemary’s Baby much? This sounds like an update on the demonic baby tale, with lots of shaky handy cam moments and other found footage nonsense. It’s actually not a bad idea for a film, but the reviews are a little limp.

Metacritic – 35%


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