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So we’re finally over the Christmas TV schedule and back to business. Winter TV is infinitely better than any other time of the year, with many returning favorites coming onto our screens and some new series to add to the Sky box. Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont brings Mob City to the small screen on Fox from Friday at 10pm. Based on the book LA Noir by John Bunton, the series is the real-life accounts of the LAPD and gangsters in the 1940’s in Los Angeles. This fast-paced crime drama is set in 1947, with brief visits to the 1920’s to tell back stories. At this time half of the LAPD was led by mafia families. Jon Bernthal, of Walking Dead fame, heads up the cast as Detective Joe Teague, with Neal McDonough, last seen in Desperate Housewives, as Captain Willian H Parker locked in a battle with Jeremy Luke’s mob boss Mickey Cohen.


In keeping with the cop show theme, E4 on Thursday at 9pm premiere new comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, staring SNL alumni Andy Samberg. Samberg plays talented yet goofy detective Peralta. In this pilot episode the  new commander, Holt, meets the team of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct.  Captain Holt is a man who likes rules and regulations, two concepts that the detectives of the 99th precinct have long overlooked.  Holt is determined to make this dysfunctional group into the best precinct in Brooklyn. The show is from the writer/producers of Parks and Recreation and uses a similar one camera style. The series premiered in the states in September with an audience of over 6 million.


Girls-Season 3, is returning to Sky Atlantic on January 20th. We return to the trials and tribulations of the group of 20-somethings and their emotional disasters. When we left Hannah, she was awash in her OCD and facing a lawsuit from her publisher when she is finally rescued by the unlikely knight in shining armor that is Adam. Will Marnie and Charlie have their happily ever after? Not looking good as the actor who plays Charlie left the show the day before they were due to start filming, therefore Marnie has now been dumped. Shoshanna and Jessa also came out of serious relationships in season 2, so season 3 will see them young, free and single and ready to mingle. Can’t wait.


American Horror Story:Coven is returning from its mid-season break on Fox on  Tuesday with the most amazing guest star of Ms Stevie Nicks in an episode titled “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”. Marie Laveau seeks a truce with Fiona and the Coven after the major attack on her and her followers. Fiona attempts to out the new supreme with help from Stevie Nicks!! Honestly I don’t know what you’re doing if you aren’t watching this.



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