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Cass McCombs – Workman’s Club – Gig Review – 11-01-14

Cass McCombs sings, Dublin

You can tell a lot about a band by what drinks they bring on stage wit h them. Some bands bring a bottle of whiskey, and you know they’re not to be messed with. Some bring beers, and it seems like an average night for them. Cass brought a bottle of water with him, which always makes me think they’re professional, this is what they do and they aim to do it well. Of course, it could have been vodka in a water bottle, but that’s another matter.

Cass McCombs took to the stage a nine thirty, and didn’t bother too much with banter or interaction with the crowd, but set about playing some interesting and melodic folk rock. The majority of the set were mellow numbers, but they did pump it up a notch or two on occasion, with the end section of ‘There can be only one’ living long in the memory. The majority of the set was from his new album ‘Big Wheel and Others’ which was released last year and is a sprawling 22 track double cd, that shows everything you’d need to know about Cass and his style of play. Songs such as ‘Brighter’ are perfect songs of languid ease, that gently drift past. When playing live, there was great life in all songs, and they are extended and often played louder. This adds an extra edge to what they do and makes them well worth seeing live. They left the stage after a one song encore a little before eleven, with the crowd screaming for more. I’m sure they’ll be back, to fulfill the crowd’s wishes!

For more information on Cass, you can check out his web site here.

Myles Manley played support on the night, and looked like he could do with some feeding up! He’s a skinny guy with a good voice and an interesting line in lyrics. ‘I Fuck Your Wife’ was the stand out track from their short set.

Cass McCombs Band: Jon Shaw (bass), Daniel Iead (guitar), Daniel Allaire (drums).

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