New Movie Releases – 27-12-13


So here it is, our last movie slot of the year. Sigh, it’s been a good year, all in all. We’ll be looking back at the year in movies over the next few days, but there’s also a small bunch of new releases to choose from.

Moonman is a new release from the people that brought us ‘The Secret of Kell’ a few years ago. Oure review is here. “It has a strong story and the beautiful artwork will appeal to adults as well as children. Just like the original book it has the makings of a classic.” Other critics were not as kind (we’re just nicer people!), and average reviews abound.

Ouch, the reviews for Walter Mitty, well, they’re not kind to say the least. Still, it’s Ben Stiller, so it can’t be all bad, now can it?

47 Ronin on the other hand, gets about as low a score on Metracritic as I’ve ever seen, with 24. Wow, the critics loved to hate this one. Again, it’s Keanu Reeves, and while he is a plank, he’s also Ted of Bill & Ted fame and Neo in the Matrix, so a few classisc. Just looking at his IMDB page, he’s got more than a few klangers also. I guess this joins the second group!

This has nothing to do with Frank Millar’s Ronin, in case you’re wondering. I wonder if they’ll ever do that one.

Probably the best movie release this week is the old man and the sea, with Robert Redford getting a bit lost. I guess it happens at his age! The reviews of All is Lost are very impressive, so check it out.

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