TV Round Up of 2013


As everyone knows by now its the time of the year for all the “Best of”  lists and why should TV be any exception. The Huffington Post recently published its top 10 TV for the year and it looks awfully familiar,with many of the Workhorses TV picks during the year claiming the top spots. A couple of Netflix favorites that you could catch up on over the festive period is the universally loved Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black– the satire about an Upper-Middle Class woman who finds herself in jail.  Props also for Broadchurch, staring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, a gripping drama that examines how a small town deals with the murder of a child and of course there is already an American remake on the cards. Unsurprisingly Game of Thrones made the list- after Breaking Bad this must be the most talked about series of the year?

Sharing its recommendations with the Workhorse were Borgen, Masters of Sex, Orphan Black, The Returned and Top of the Lake.

The Telegraph added to its list one of my favorites: The Great British Bake off, alongside a few other reality TV offerings including  Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire and Gogglebox and BBC2’s Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day and Howard Goodall’s History of Music. Another Netflix favorite that made it onto their list was House of Cards, the superb US update of Michael Dobb’s story of a Machiavellian politician, staring Kevin Spacey.

While I began to wonder if anyone enjoyed the same TV as I did this year I stumbled on The Atlantic’s list- which cleverly choose the best episodes of TV this year and some of my guilty pleasures appeared on that list. Yes I take the tagline clearly to heart with my TV reviews, appearing high brow while actually looking at low brow TV. I haven’t hid my love of American Horror Story:Coven and The Atlantic choose the episode Burn Witch.Burn as their no.10 on the list. They also backed my feelings on Arrested Devlopment picking without a doubt the finest moment from the Netflix series, the episode based around Gob, Colony Collapse. Elementary and Girls also got a shout out and perhaps my most guilty of pleasures, so guilty I’m not sure how much pleasure I actually gain from it, The Mindy Project.  All in all I think 2013 was a pretty rad year for TV and with many of the above series returning in 2014, a new series of Sherlock and a new Dr to look forward to, the line-up for next year’s not looking too shabby. Not shabby at all.

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