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Blue is the warmest colour or “La Vie d’Adèle – Chapitres 1 & 2” as it is known in France, is an unusual film. I was expecting the story of a young woman finding herself, and discovering love, and certainly that’s there, but there’s much more to it. This film is not a coming of age story, she does ‘age’ but she continues on afterwards, and this is not a straight forward story by any stretch of the imagination. It is closer to a ‘life’ with  loves, flirtations and a variety of mistakes, as her life changes. The film takes her from her time in school and leaves her still as a young woman, for potentially chapters 3 & 4?

At times the plot surges along, and at other times, it dwells on single days of importance. There are a variety of scenes that could easily have been left on the cutting room floor, and no one would be the wiser, but the aim seems to be to capture a life, and not a story. It is basically a love story though, between Adele and Emma, and a study of life in France and of class. While I’m surprised this movie has received the reception it has, winning the Palme d’Or, it is a film that lasts with you. The film is 179 minutes, so you have plenty of time to get to know the various characters and have a good insight into their lives.

Unusual fact, it’s based on the 2010 French graphic novel ‘Le Bleu est une couleur chaude’ by Julie Maroh

What to say about Gravity that hasn’t already been said? Possibly not much, other than to say, it is the first film that really works in 3D. What they really captures was the weightlessness of space, that things can’t stay still, but flutter around before your eyes. Bolts, toys and even tears slowly glide through the open spaces of the shuttles and stations they are on. The story itself is a bit limp, and the movie will be remembered for the cinematography and the style, which are dazzling. If you haven’t seen it already, find as big a screen as you can in 3D, and enjoy!

Joseph Gordon-Lewitt first attempt at writing and directing, so how did he get on? Not bad actually. This is an unusual Hollywood film, as he doesn’t follow a typical story arc and is nicely disjointed. He is the only name mentioned on the writing credit, and it shows, as it has none of the conventions of average American cinema. It feels like an off beat indie film but made with big studio production values.

The story of a young man who is obsessed with porn, and the affects it has on his life is interesting, and the Julianne Moore character especially capture the imagination. The cinematography is at times quite creative and stylish, and there are a few signs that he could become a new voice in cinema. As this film stands on its own, it’s nothing radical or dazzling, but an enjoyable distraction (possibly from internet porn?).

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