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Yo La Tengo – Vicar Street – 5th Dec – Review

Ira - Yo La Tengo

Two bands took to the stage in Vicar street last night (December 5th 2013). One a slow and delicate acoustic band with soaring melodies and the other a brash guitar band with long solos and feed back. Both band were Yo La Tengo! Yes, there was no need for a support on the night, as Yo La Tengo filled both spots, playing a ‘quiet’ and ‘loud’ set, with a short interval inbetween. The band that previosly brought us ‘The Wheel Tour’ (I’d still like to have seen them do Seinfield ) have a new trick up their sleeves this time around, and it worked nicely. In truth, their ‘loud’ set had a number of quieter songs, so there was a good mix of sounds throughout.

The early banter on the night from Ira was mostly about their previous failed attempt to come to Dublin in May of this year. Their ferry did not sail due to adverse weather conditions and they were left stranded, and yesterday in Dublin with a weather alert in place and gales blowing up to 120 kph, they must have thought someone was against them. But as the day went on, the storm force winds abated and the band made it to Dublin (thankfully) second time around.  

As ever with Yo La Tengo, their set list contained a good mix of old and new, with some cover versions thrown in for good measure. They took to the stage at 8.30 and left just before 11, so this was a set of Springsteen proportions. They’re all talented musicians and causally change instruments, and share the singing duties between songs. Near the end of the show Ira said the band recently celebrated their 29th year. It’s amazing they’ve been playing that long, and still manage to sound so fresh and exciting.

Thankfully the Gods allowed Yo La Tengo to make it to Dublin this time around, and we can only pray we can see them play again soon!

Set List:

Set 1 (quiet): Ohm, Our Way To Fall, Paddle Forward, Can’t Forget, Satellite, The Point of It, Cornelia and Jane, I’ll Be Around, Big Day Coming (slow Painful version)

Set 2 (loud): Stupid Things, Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House, Super Kiwi, Stockholm Syndrome, Autumn Sweater, Before We Run, Nothing To Hide, Tom Courtenay, Ohm, Blue Line Swinger

Encore: Today Is The Day, Roadrunner (Jonathan Richman), Farmer’s Daughter (The Beach Boys)

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