New Movie Releases – 18-10-13

enough-said-trailer_612x380Ah yes, the last work of the legend that was James Gandolfini. The Sopranos was one of my favourite TV shows, and Gandolfini’s depiction of a nice man who occasionally murdered people was fascinating. You knew he was a psychopath, but you couldn’t help liking him. In truth he never did anything as good as his depiction of Tony Soprano, but if you look at his list of movies, there are a few really good movies such as True Romance, Get Shorty and The Mexican.

Enough Said is meant to be his last movie, but I notice that he has something called Animal Rescue listed for 2014.  It’s actually a rom com, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but the reviews are good, so worth seeing, if for no other reason than James!

Captain Philips is the one that could end up earning Tom Hanks an Oscar. Doesn’t he have enough of those? Does he really need any more of them? I guess he possibly has a private competition going on with Daniel Day. It’s the “true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates”. Not sure I could face it, but the reviews are very positive.

Prince Avalanche looks a little bit throw away, but sometimes those movies are the best, right? The story of two men painting road markings in the middle of nowhere. The reviews are average to good, so make up your own mind…

Very Extremely Dangerous is a documentary that tells the story of Jerry McGill, who looks more than a little bit mental. It looks pretty damn good, and the reviews back it up.

One of my friends went to Turbo last week and said it was pretty awful but that his four year old daughter has spent the week pretending to be a snail after seeing it. I think that’s enough!

Escape Plan is a movie that is big enough for Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. How is that even possible? Most reviews say it is trash, but a few say it’s fun trash, so you know what you’re getting. I love the premise, Stallone is employed to try to break out of prisons to find security gaps in their systems. How good is that? I think it’s worthy of the price of admission alone.

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