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This Is How We Fly – Album Review


The much-anticipated self-titled album from This Is How We Fly has been released and it is a joy to behold. TIHWF is a contemporary folk band consisting of Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on fiddle & hardanger fiddle, Seán Mac Erlaine on clarinets & live electronics, Nic Gareiss on percussive dance, and Petter Berndalen on drums and percussion. The album mixes upbeat almost “post-traditional” music with quieter more introspective tracks. It really is a marvel when you tune into Gareiss’s percussive dance and separate it from Berndalen’s percussion – they compliment each other perfectly. Then you have of course the inventiveness of Ó Raghallaigh and Mac Erlaine. All in all this is wonderful music which stands head and shoulders above a lot of 2014 releases.

Listen to the track “Woo Dr Rhythm” below which along with the track “What What What”  must certainly be a couple of contenders for song of the year. The video was created by Donal Dineen and Myles O’Reilly.

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