The Far Side – Lighthouse Cinema – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

TheFarSide Lighthouse Cinema

The Far Side is based on a series of interviews that were carried out with seven people. Four men and three women of diverse ages and interest, the only thing they have in common is that they live within a one kilometre radius of each other. As you enter Screen 4 of the Lighthouse, the cinema looks pretty much as normal, other than for a desk and chair at one side of the screen and an arm chair at the other. Feidlim Cannon (Brokentalkers) soon enters the stage and takes a seat at the desk. He is the only live member of the cast, the others take part as projections onto the various screens.

The interviews are on a variety of topics, some talk about their interests, or the things that make them who they are, while others discuss memories from their past. The major topics such as their regrets or views on the after life are discussed, but seem to have no more importance than the nick names they had as kids or someone’s fascination with Star Wars. As they talk, images from their locality are shown on the big screen, the places they work or where they live. There’s a strange feeling that we don’t really know anything about these people, we don’t get a description of what they do or who they are, unless it is mentioned in passing. Most of them remain as enigmas other than for what they want to reveal about themselves.

The scale of this piece is really what intrigues, they’ve decided to focus on normal people and their hopes and dreams, and there is something quite beautiful in that. There’s a feeling of calm and peace throughout the performance, and it lasts with you when you leave the theatre. While it is not the most important or demanding piece in the festival, it does leave you with a feeling of respect and admiration for the various characters you are introduced to. It dwells on the simple things in life, and is all the more charming for it.

Facilitated and Directed by: Feidlim Cannon
Videography: Kilian Waters
Sound: Jack Cawley
Production Manager: Marcus Costello
Created and Performed by:Roisin Bird, Vivienne Byrne, Feidlim Cannon, James Coogan, John Crilly, Gerry Cullen, Elma Finn, Ged Kelly
The Far Side runs until Lighthouse Cinema as part of the Fringe Festival until September 18th.

Categories: Theatre

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