You remember the stories you wish were True – Project Arts Centre – Review – Dublin Fringe Festival

You Remember the stories you wish were true

Imagine losing all your belongings, so you are only left with whatever you could fit in a suitcase? Megan Riordan experienced just that, as she returned from a year touring the world to find the contents of the storage unit where she had kept her property had been sold off, due to a problem with her credit card. After the initial shock, she began to realise that it wasn’t just the contents of the unit that had disappeared, it was also a series of links to her past that could never be retrieved. All her photos and a thousand other items that would bring you back to a place or period in your past, just by looking at them, were now gone also. So had she lost these memories as well her belongings?

This is a interesting piece made by Megan Riordan and Dodd Loomis that focuses on the nature of memory and how unreliable it actually is. It is a solo performance by Megan, and she brings us through the full experience of losing her ties with her past. There are periods where the science behind memory is explained, and how this information is actually stored in your brain.  There are a  number of anecdotes and amusing stories from Megan’s own past, as she starts on a journey to meet family and friends to try and piece together the parts of her past that are lost. There are also a number of songs, as Megan sings and plays on one of her three most treasured items, her guitar, which thankfully never made it into the storage unit.

It is a multimedia style presentation, as there are video interviews with Megan’s family and friends. There is also a series of slides, which display a variety of images fom our collective past! There are a lot of laughs along the way, as well as more thoughtful moments and a focus on the fact that memories change through our lives, and can be altered by the physical act of remembering.  It’s a thoughtful and sad piece, that will make you wonder if things were just like you remember them.

Making Strange’s production of You remember the stories you wish were true runs at the Project Arts Centre until the 13th September 2013 at 1.00pm daily, as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Previews 5 & 6 September (No performance 11 September) – Tickets €14/12/1

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