Babble – Replay Theatre Company – Review


 Babble for babies is an innovative piece of new theatre from Northern Irish theatre company Replay. Replay have been making theatre for young audiences since 1988 and their pieces are devised to entertain, educate and stimulate young children. Babble is currently touring both South and Northern Ireland and is suited to babies from 0-18 months.

The play takes place inside a specifically designed dome that looks a little bit like an igloo made of padded materials. Once you enter you are greeted by four young ladies who create the “vocal wonderland” in a four-part harmony. Images are projected on the walls and ceiling of the dome. The singers move between the babies and children pulling them into the magical event. The music is provided by award winning composer David Goodall.

My friend and I attended with our two smallest children, boys aged 18 months and 4 months. Even with this large age gap it was apparent that both boys enjoyed the experience. I think that they should consider extending the age out or having specific shows for older toddlers because I know that my 2 year old would have really loved it. We saw it in the Mermaid theatre in Bray and both mums are considering going to another performance either in Dun Laoghaire or Blanchardstown. Since they limit the show to ten babies and their grown ups per performance, tickets are selling fast. Tickets at Draoicht are 5 euro and in the Pavillion the tickets are priced at 10 euro.

Pavilion Theatre 17/18 September

Draoicht 13/14 September

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