Granby Park – Music and Cinema Happening – 07-09-13

Chequerboard at Granby Park again

Ireland seemed to have skipped a season and have gone straight from Summer to Winter, but this did little to dampen the enthusiasm of those that went to Granby Park at the rear entrance of the Ilac centre, on Dominick street in Dublin yesterday. It was a day of music and dinosaurs with a full line up of bands before Jurassic Park on the big screen later in the day.

I made it there during the early afternoon, and stayed for Stephano Signa’s set as well as the man I was mainly interested in seeing Chequerboard. There was a nice chilled vibe at the small venue, which thankfully was under cover to protect the audience from sporadic rain showers! It was an impressive set from a man playing difficult plucked guitar when his fingers were almost numb! Thanks to all involved for a lovely day of music and some good grub from the local cafe. Granby Park is open until September 22nd, before it will be closed to become a community housing scheme. They have a variety of events, and you can find details here.

Signa Music’s bandcamp page is here.

Chequerboard’s bandcamp page is here. He will launch his new album ‘The Unfolding’ at the Little Museum of Dublin on September 27th.

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