Dublin Fringe Festival Preview – Highlights & Top Tips


The Fringe Festival starts tomorrow! Tomorrow! Hard to believe the wait is over. I’ve already written about a few of the big hitters (you can see our early preview here); such as:

THIRTEEN by Louise Lowe (ANU Productions) – Who previously brought us Laundry and the Boys of Foley Street. Immersive theatre at its best.

BRIEFS – SECOND COMING – Burlesque, comedy and circus merge in this odd ball event, as Briefs return to the Fringe.

Break – Hot for Theatre –  written by Amy Conroy, and brings the audience behind the closed doors of a Staff room at school.

Among others, so what are the new names that are worth a mention? Well, there’s a lot actually, the festival really filled out nicely and should be a great couple of weeks in September.

Top Tips – Theatre

LIPPY | Dead Centre – This is written by Bush Moukarzel and Mark O’Halloran. Bush’s ‘Souvenir’ was the sleeper hit of last year’s festival. I only made it to it on the last day of the Fesitval, but was probably the best piece of new writing in the Fringe, and his new work with cameo playwright (?) Mark O’Halloran (Garage, Adam and Paul) should be fascinating.

DOLLS | Sorcha Kenny – The finished version of the dance/ theatre event that was one of the best things in last year’s Theatre machine festival, you can check out our review here.  It already looked a finished piece then, so it will be interesting to see what they’ve done with it.

MICE WILL PLAY | Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Nic Gareiss – Any involvement of the farmers, Sophie Motley and Sarah Jane Shiels of WillFredd Theatre is worth a mention. “Join renowned musicians and performers Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh (fiddle) and Nic Gareiss (percussive dance) on a rodent-filled adventure to investigate the role of mice in traditional music, science and in our daily lives.”

DISTANCE FROM THE EVENT | Collapsing Horse – “Science Fiction meets Irish Noir in this story about love, isolation and life’s hidden symmetries”, from the creators of Monster/ Clock, which was one of the best pieces of Kid’s theatre I’ve seen. This is a sci-fi adventure/ detective story for grown ups.

THE FAR SIDE | Upstate Theatre Project and Feidlim Cannon (Brokentalkers) – We’re big fans of Brokentalkers here, so anything they’re involved in should/ could be interesting. “Seven performers present a contemporary, living history exploring the social history of an Irish town through personal recollections of growing up and living there.”



THE LATE DAVID TURPIN | David Turpin – After his sold-out Fringe debut in 2012, The Late David Turpin rises again for a one-off theatrical concert to launch his new album, We Belong Dead.

RECORD (Remix) | Dylan Tighe – Dylan Tighe’s Record was part of last years Fringe Festival and we reviewed it here. This time out, it’s all about the music, well, mostly anyway. “an uplifting and inspirational gig which reflects on the project as a whole and offers a new way forward in thinking about mental and emotional wellbeing.”


DAVID O’DOHERTY WILL FIX EVERYTHING | David O’ Doherty – ‘Multi award winning Davi O’ Doherty is back describing himself as the Ryanair James Bond, former Miss Ireland, the offspring of Shannon/Pete Doherty,’ Missing David is a bad thing to do, go check out his latest work.

MOVING CITY | Maeve Higgins – Meave focuses on her recent move to London “The thing is, I broke up with Dublin last year. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, but Dublin insists he dumped me. Maybe it was mutual.”

But hopefully you’ll go explore a lot of the other shows also.  There’s so much to see and do, you should really check out the full programme here.

Lippy Photo Credit: Jason Booher

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