Movies – 12-07-13


This week is the return of the big, brash summer blockbuster, with Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. The general consensus seems to be that it’s pretty damn average. There’s a law of diminishing returns on watching robots fighting giant lizards, and at some point, who really cares? Is the earth worth saving anyway? I guess that’s a bigger question.

Probably the best movie released this week is the one that will get the least attention, isn’t it always the way? Play is a Swedish film based on real life bullying events. It looks beautifully shot, just check out the trailer below.

Monster University is yet another sequel from Pixar, they were once the home of all that was good about animation, but these days they’re looking pretty average. Still, the kids will love it and it’s smack bam in the middle of holiday season.

There’s also a film about Wikileaks, and that’s about your lot for this week…

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