The FUN in UnFUNded – Players Theatre – Review


It must be tough graduating from theatre school at the moment, you’re coming out into a world where the arts grants are being slashed and the audiences are at home counting their pennies. So what’s a young actor to do? This is the world of Janis and Sharon, two out of work actors who have to work in a perfume shop for minimum wage to survive, while doing all they can to find their ‘big break’ in the world of acting. 

This is a humorous short play that gives you a good insight into the world of dirty flats and day time television. We journey with the two protagonists through auditions for Lady Macbeth, their attempts at script writing and the put downs, knock backs and various other road blocks on the way to stardom. The lure of a well paid ‘normal’ job lurks in the back ground, as temptation to throw it all in and give up on their dream is always there.

The two young actors involved are also the writers, and it would be interesting to know how close to reality this play goes. They both perform admirably, and there are some good gags and physical comedy routines within.  It is an enjoyable show that romps along at a good pace and has plenty of laughs along the way.


Writer/ Producer/ Actor – Alisun Yin Fox

Writer/ Actor – Aoife Spratt

Director/ Stage Manager – David Clune

The FUN in unFUNded by Yin Yang Theatre company runs at the Players Theatre until 13th July, 2013. Tickets are €8/ €6, and are available here.

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