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Raffertie – Sleep of Reason – Album Review – Ninja Tune


Raffertie (AKA Benjamin Stefanski) will release his debut album on Ninja Tunes on the August 4th, and the reaction to this subtle and impressive new work will be fascinating. His music is dark and somewhat brooding and according to the man himself was informed by his childhood in seaside British towns. Track with names such as Undertow, Rain and Black Rainbow capture this mood of empty and exposed resorts.

This stark and considered sound is controlled throughout and the consistent mood of the album makes it a landscape that has been explored thoroughly. The percussion drives through the heart of the album and is the centre point of all the tracks, as it ripples and pluses beneath them. Many of the tracks are instrumental or with vocal sounds used as just another instrument and not moved above other sounds in the mix which leaves you straining to hear the words being said.

The album should sit well with fans of The xx and James Blake and contains a similar ethos or feel to either of these artists. This is an illusive and finely spun new album, that will take repeated listens to get to the heart of but is definitely something worth exploring.

‘I wanted to create an album listeners could empathise with. Albums I listened to and connected with most when growing up, and indeed still now, were those that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. That perhaps sounds quite sad, but that whole process of connection was ultimately what I felt drawing me into a lot of music. Catharsis, it seems to me, is the universal backbone of music. It’s a process of coming to terms with our relative daemons.’ – Raffertie

Rffertie’s album ‘Sleep of Reason’ is released by Ninja Tune on August 5th.

Tracklist :

1. Untertow
2. Rain
3. Build Me Up
4. Gagging Order
5. Touching
6. One Track Mind
7. Last Train Home
8. Trust ( feat YADi)
9. Principle Action
10. Known
11. Window Out
12. Black Rainbow
13. Back Of The Line

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