You Bloom Festival – 29-06-13 – Review

September Girls - at YouBloom Dublin

Another bright and sunny day in Dublin, and the streets are packed with the remnants of Gay pride which is quite fascinating to watch. All of life was on the streets of Dublin with much of it spilling into the venues around George’s street. The first gig I went to last night was in the Odessa club, for a french singer called Oriana Curls who played with a guitarist on the night along with her own interludes on the violin. Her delicate voice and the after hours vide of her music were perfect for the setting.

I caught the end of the Manhattan Syndrome set who are a five piece from Dublin, with guitars, keybaords and drums before heading to the Workman’s Club for the find of the night. Father Of A Thousand Kids are a Norwegian band with a lead singer from the Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav) school. He was out in the crowd on a number of occasions, lying on his back, crawling on all fours and generally intimidating all and sundry, but it was great to watch. Their music is pretty impressive also, and they’re a name to watch out for.

Father Of A Thousand Kids - The floor of the Workman's Club

A quick dash across the Liffey to see We were giants at the Grand Social, who are an tight young rock band. I saw the end of the set form  Harold’s Cross band French Bird playing Twisted Pepper, who seemed to really enjoy their set. September Girls played the Workman’s club and were probably the best Irish band I saw on the night. Their look and sound was interesting and rock chicks always have an air of mystery to them. Paradox played after the September Girls who are a heavy rock band from Cork. To end the night, I went for something a bit more mellow with Beatrice Mason, a Brazilian singer, at the Mercantile who even treated us to a version of Molly Malone. Another fun night at YouBloom, with one more to come!

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