Movies – 28-06-13 Despicable Me, The Act of Killing


The two new releases that are getting the most attention are aimed at very different audiences, it would be fair to say. One is a bizarre sounding almost documentary about the massacre of 500,000 Chinese (and others) in Indonesia in 1965.

Werner Herzog said of The Act of Killing, “I have not seen a film as powerful, surreal, and frightening in at least a decade…it is unprecedented in the history of cinema.”

The other movie is ‘Despicable Me‘ which is the one my nephew (aged 4) is looking forward to most of the two. It’s the story of a super villain being…. despicable.

The East are a group of Eco Activists who do bad things for good reasons? Something like that. They’re a super secretive group and Ellen Page sets out to find their secrets.

This is the End is a silly looking Seth Rogen movie about the end of the world, Hollywood style. It’s from the writers of Superbad, so it can’t be too bad! Lots of average reviews surround and engulf this one but if you enjoy ironic, post modern comedies starring Seth, go no further.

Renoir is a movie about the artist and his son and a hot chick that inspires them in different ways!

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