Love Live Music Day – 21-06-13

Sun Ra

Love Live Music is a set of live music events around Ireland. Most of them are free and there’s lots of interesting events and places for you to visit. The full list of Dublin events is here.

One of the most interesting events for musicians and audience members alike is Improvised Music’s call to arms. Details are below:

As part of Love:Live Music 2013, Dublin Sun Ra tribute troupe Outerspaceways Inc. will perform guerrilla style pop-ups through-out the city on 21st June, before descending on Meeting House Square for a final blow out, loud enough to reach the stratosphere!

They’re looking for 50 players to be part of this cosmic happening right here in Dublin between 6pm and 7pm.

Age and style doesn’t matter. All you need is some basic musicianship, an instrument that’s acoustic and portable, and an open mind.

No rehearsals necessary, all you need to do is pre-register and we’ll email you a downloadable set of cues and instructions before the big blow on Friday 21st.

OuterSpaceways Inc. pay tribute to Sun Ra, the legendary US bandleader of the post war era whose music embraced swing and free improvisation. Often called the father of Afrofuturism, Sun Ra was not your average jazz musician. Through his concepts of the cosmos, writings on identity and race in 50’s America, theatrical performances and evocation of the time of the pharaohs, he created an alternative reality that inspired the psychedelic funk of the 1970s

Sound like your thing? Contact admin@musicnetwork.ie

Other events that are worth a mention include:

The fun part of the festival is that the events take place all around the city and at all times during the day, so go explore!

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