Movies – 21-06-13 World War Z, Before Midnight

Brad Pitt in World War Z

Yes, it’s the zombie apocalypse this week, one more time with feeling, as Brad Pitt returns to battle the brain feeders in World War Z. There’s a lot of average reviews around for this, but  critics would be kicked out of the building for admitting they liked this type of movie, so what do you expect?

Probably the best movie released this week is ‘Before Midnight‘ with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in the third instalment of movies about walking and talking about life. I thought the second in the series was a bit dull, but this one seems to have found a happy balance, so go enjoy!

A good Irish Horror movie? Seriously? It could be the case, as Citadel is getting very positive reviews from anywhere I can find. It’s about spooky kids which always freak me out to be honest.  Director Ciaran Foy is from Dublin so I guess he’s the new great hope for Irish movie making.

And out of the movies that you’ll probably never see, Spike Island is a movie about a gig that defined a generation. The reviews aren’t great, but the soundtrack should be good, as it’s mostly Stone Roses.

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