Jon Ronson – Dublin Writers Festival – 21-05-13 – Review


While being involved in a slow moving car chase, where members of the security team of the secret rulers of the earth (The Bilderberg group) were following Ron, he rang the English embassy to tell them of his plight. They asked who he was and he said he was a journalist ‘a bit like Louis Theroux’. Sounds like an average day for this intrepid journalist and writer!

Jon has carved a wonderful niche for himself where he can focus on almost any aspect of life and get away with things other journalist can only dream of. He’s worked with and written about religious leaders of all denominations, military agents obsessed with untapping the hidden powers of the human mind, psychopaths and real life super heroes!

Last night at Liberty Hall, John read a short extract from his various works, showing his range as a writer. Stories of what to do when your son asks you what is the worst swear word ever and how not to eat soup in public places! There was also readings from some of his books, Them: Adventures with Extremists, The men who stare at Goats, The Psychopath Test and his new work ‘Lost at Sea‘.

Kevin Gildea chaired the discussion and Q&A session afterwards, and Jon does not need much to set him off on another story of how he ends up in these strange and wonderful situations! The interesting thing about his work is that while he sees people form many walks of life, he treats them all with respect and usually finds a way to make himself the butt of almost all his jokes! He writes about difficult and complex topics, but the humour he brings to them keeps them interesting and lively.

The stories he told on the night are ones he has delivered many times before and as such are almost like stand up routines but it would be hard not to enjoy what he does. I had heard many of the stories before, and I don’t think I was alone in that, but it’s always good to hear a natural story teller at his craft. He’s a friendly man who can worm his way into many ridiculous situations and comes back with stories from each! On the night we got to hear about being the only Jew in the jihad training camp and his face off with drug dealers. He’s very endearing with his combination of self deprecating humour and fascinating story telling and it made the night a quirky and entertaining event.


Jon Ronson was in Dublin as part of the Dublin Writers Festival, which is running from May 20th – 26th.


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