Movies – 10-05-13 – Mud, Star Trek…


There’s a movie out today about space guff, but we’ll get to that later on. There are other movies released today! Honest, sigh.

“My name is Mud.

Not to be confused with Bill

Or Jack or Pete or Dennis

My name is mud and it’s always been” – Primus –

Ok, it’s not based on the Primus song, but I really wish it was. Mud is a new movie from Director Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter), and continues Matthew¬†McConaughey rehabilitation and conversion into a real actor. He’ll get an oscar in a few years if this keeps up, you mark my words!. There’s talk that this is an Indie Classic, so I guess this is a must see!

Did you know the new Star Trek movie was out today? I’m sure you didn’t notice, it’s not like it’s been on every billboard and bus around town. Yes, it’s sexy Star Trek part two, filled with pretty young things and with none of those ugly old people that were in the original!

The reviews are shockingly good, and I’m really beginning to question whether someone spiked the critics water or something. 5 stars for a Star Trek movie? Hmm.

Our Children looks a tough movie, and tells the tale of an inter racial marriage. It’s not going to be a barrel of laughs, but the reviews are all positive, so it’s up to you.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist stars Riz Ahmed Liev Schreiber Kate Hudson and Kiefer Sutherland and tells the tale of the change in America after 9/11., the reviews are pretty average.

Not many critics seemed able to resist the Deadfall is dreadful line. Why give them the ammunition!

The other movies that you probably should avoid if the critics are to be believed are Me and You and The eye of the Strom. Great cast in the eye of the Strom, so it’s a pity!

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