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Mountains – Twisted Pepper – Gig Review – 09/05/13

Mountains - Dublin

Mountains took to the stage a little before 10 in the basement venue in Twisted Pepper. They said hello and thanked us for coming which was a little unexpected, as a lot of ambient musicians like to portray themselves as tortured artists! The duo of Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg  from Chicago via New York seem a lot more relaxed than most in their position!

The set itself was one long piece, flowing from one segment to the next, and capturing a multitude of sounds and ideas as it developed, moving slowly in one direction before pulling back and going in another. The instruments varied between electronics, keyboards and guitars and all of it layered and congealed into a mass so you hardly knew where the sounds were coming from at times. The slow, gradual alteration between sounds barely registers, it is carried out in such a subtle fashion you lose yourself in the music at times, and that was when it was at its best!

Mossy Nolan played support on the night and even he seemed a little surprised with the choice of a folk/ traditional musician before the main drone/ ambient performers, but the contrast worked well. Mossy sang and played the Bouzouki and Mandolin with Colm Mcgowan on guitars.

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