Movies – 11-01-13


Les Misérables, or Lesley to give her her full name is the story of a down trodden secretary working… nah, it’s not sadly. It’s the stupid musical that Tim Hooper (King’s Speech) has made into a big screen extravaganza. The reviews really don’t matter, as you already know if you’re going to like this one and you already know if you’re not (I’m in the second category obviously!). It’s getting average to good reviews.

Gangster Squad is sadly not very good if the critics are to be believed. I do enjoy a good gangster movie from time to time, so it’s a pity. It stars Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling (aaaaaaaaaaah) and Nick Nolte and is directed by the guy who directed Zombieland!

So, two fairly suspect main stream releases, now what do the houses of art (art house even) have in stall for us? Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about Sushi and the people that make it! It’s getting some decent reviews, so is probably worth seeing.

Man on the Train is Larry Mullen’s first lead role in a film, yes, the drummer guy from U2.  He’s at the IFI tonight, if you want to go and scream. Obviously, the movie is not very good if the critics are right (I’m pretty sure they are on this one). Donald Sutherland stars opposite Larry, so that might be a reason to see it, if nothing else.

McCullin is a documentary on war photographer Don McCullin, which just sounds fascinating. Repulsion is another of the Polanski season of films at the IFI, which just like Chinatown, cannot be missed!

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