Movies – 21-12-12

Life of Pi Movie

The second last week of the year, and strangely a few good new releases, something I really wasn’t expecting to be honest. I’m very interested in seeing ‘My life of Pi‘ as a book I really enjoyed. It was directed by Ang Lee, who is one of the more unusual directors working in Hollywood, and it’s received good reviews and also a few ropey ones. I considered this book to be one that could never be made into a movie (at least a good one), so I’m fascinated to see the result.

Boxing Day‘ which looks like an indie gem from the trailer below, and received very good reviews. It stars Danny Huston and Matthew Jacobs and was directed by Bernard Rose (Candyman). ‘The Pool’ is the other movie getting above average reviews, and tells the tale of Venkatesh, an 18-year-old who lives on the streets of Panjim, Goa.

Smashed, Love Crime and Perfect Pitch are the three remaining new releases and all sound a bit on the average side of things!

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