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I went to Sighseers in a perfect state of innocence! I had not seen a trailer or read a review, which is often the best way to see something (he says shooting himself in the foot)! This is the new film by Ben Wheatley, whose previous movie ‘Kill List’, the 2011 Hit man movie that sent the critics into a frenzy. There was some weight of expectation on this movie, while it wasn’t his second release, it was his second outing after the world took note! He had previously worked on TV such as Steeve Coogan: The Inside Story (TV movie), Ideal and the Wrong Door which are all comedies. This new release seems him return to his roots!

The film starts with an average couple planning their holiday in the country. Caravan parks and local museums are the low key attractions they are aiming for. Tina and Chris have only been dating a few months, and don’t really know each other than well. Chris is hiding a small secret, he has a problem with anger, and tends to kill those that get him angry!

This is a black comedy that takes some guilty pleasure in the kill scenes, as Chris gets rid of a variety of people that get in his way. A lot of the humour is drawn from the contradiction of the mundane world of pencil museum and caravans parks and the wild blood lust of the murders. While not being one that you’ll remember years down the road, it’s a fun ride and worth checking out!

Grade C

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