Girl Band – The Grand Social – Review

They may have taken their sweet time setting up after support band Tandem Felix finished, but once all-male Dublin 4-piece Girl Band finally took to the stage, they played hard, fast and loud from start to finish. They initially came across like a straightforward shouty/grungy rock ‘n’ roll type of group but, as the set progressed, it became clear that these guys are not as nearly as dated or irrelevant as that.

What really helps Girl Band standout is the impressive and crazy sounding noises that come from the guitarist. I don’t know what pedals he uses but the sounds are both intriguing and effective and executed in such a controlled and masterful way. These distorted guitar-loop noises essentially rescue the songs from the more obvious grunge-metal territory of Jesus Lizard and ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana by introducing an overwhelmingly infectious and almost techno-like, industrial dance element.

I know it sounds like an odd mix, but it works! What these guys do they do with diligence and panache – and the singer possesses a wonderful ability to scream too! In terms of criticism, they might want to think about dressing either a lot better or a lot worse (in a fashionable way) when on stage because, visually speaking, they were a little less than memorable. They also need to watch the levels when it comes to live vocals. Less instruments and more vocals in the mix please!

Standout songsThat Snake Conor CusackHandswaps and Second One.

Girl Band’s E.P. ‘France ‘98’ is out now on Dublin’s Any Other City records and can be downloaded for free here.

Matthew Barks

Categories: Gigs, Music

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