Solpadeine is My Boyfriend – RTE Radio Play

Solpadeine was one of the best things from this year’s Fringe Festival! It was an interesting take on a young girl coming to Dublin from Cork, and facing into a new world, while hiding her addiction to Solpadeine. It was sad and funny in equal measures, and you can see our review here.

Someone in RTE must have been paying attention this year, as they’ve converted it into a radio play, and you can listen to it here.

You can also following the workings of Stefanie Preissner’s mind on her twitter account here. Stefanie wrote and performed the piece in the Project Arts Centre in September.

Categories: Theatre

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  1. Listened on my journey Sligo to Ballymahon and didn’t much notice the horrid driving conditions between weather and unfamiliar roads, as this drama and the performance of it had me riveted! Wonderful writing, story, and insight, such that I thought the acting/performance of the main female was so convincing it had to be the person experiencing it! I wasn’t surprised to learn at the end that it was! What a multi- talent I think this Stefanie person must be! Well done and congratulations to her! Frances

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