Movies – 09-11-12

Two movies of note this week and a few to avoid, take note which is which, and don’t confuse ’em! The two that are meant to be good are ‘The Alps’ and ‘Argo’ (remember, not Argos, Argo).

The Alps is a movie from the director of the wonderfully bizarre Dogtooth, an looks suitable odd. A group of people impersonating the dead loved ones of strangers, to help them with the grieving process. Yes, that does sound odd enough!

Argo on the other hand, is Ben Affleck pretending he was born in the 70’s and from Latino descent, in this tale of trying to free workers in the US Embassy from Tehran. I kind of hate Ben, I’ll admit my prejudice and move on.

The ones to avoid are The Sapphires (Chris O’Dowd), Here comes the Boom, and Grassroots (Jason Biggs). Well, I’m sure they’re good if you just want to veg out and not think very much, but the critics don’t like them anyway!

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  1. Just back from Argo, it was great. And Ben was great. I think it’s a movie that could could convert you to Ben fandom.

    • I’m not sure I could be convinced about Ben at this stage, but I’ll make an effort to see it, none the less!

      We must do our movie outing soon! Let me know the next one you want to see (as long as Ben isn’t involved!)

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