Horrorthon Preview – IFI – 25th – 29th Oct

It’s that time of year again, where the home of art house dumbs down for 4 days, for all that is good about the Horror genre.  From previous years experience, it’s quite hit and miss, but even the bad ones are good, right?

I like the idea of a horror film director dynasty. ‘My father was a horror movie director, and his father before him, and now I’m a horror movie director’ to be read in a west Yorkshire accent. Brandon Cronenberg (son of David) has directed a movie called ‘Antiviral’ which is based around celebrity obsessed fans who buy the diseases of their idols, and we’re not talking the flu here. Sounds complete nonsense, but might be worth a look, for Brandon alone.

Detention of the Dead‘ is the story of a bunch of kids stuck in detention when the inevitable zombie Apocalypse arrives. It looks a little bit scream for the zombie generation!

Midnight Son is about Vampires, but wait, don’t skip on just yet, this one is different. It breathes new life into the genre, with a gritty realism and a well written plot. They all say that, right?

Rites of Spring‘ if you were to watch the trailer below, you’d have basically no idea what this movie is about, but I’ve been assured it’s about ‘a woman who has been abducted in order to pay an annual tribute to a fearsome creature’. Looks fun.

Excision comes highly recommended, and tells the tale of a misfit with dreams of being a surgeon.

They also have a few classics such as Young Frankenstein and Dracula: Prince of Darkness, and a few documentaries such as Room 237 (on Kubrick’s The Shining) and ‘Slice and Dice – The Slasher Film forever’. There’s also the always dangerous ‘Surprise Movie’! Go enjoy…

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