Rebekka Karijord – Use my body while it’s still young

Norwegian born Rebekka Karijord has just released her new album “We become ourselves”, with a taster from it below in the form of “Use my body while it’s still young”. Below is the story attached to the mail that landed in my inbox this morning (thanks Ann Marie). She’s either had an unusual past, or some marketing agent was being particularly creative!

“her first flirtations with music motivated by her parents, two teenage sweethearts who spent much of their early years together travelling Europe in a Volkswagen bus, her father busking, her mother selling the beaded bracelets she made. After they separated when KARIJORD was three, she lost contact with her father, who tragically became a drug addict for 25 years, but when she was a teenager she discovered a notebook of his lyrics in her mother’s attic. Inspired by the contents, which revealed his love for both his former wife and daughter, she tracked him down in Bergen, where a painful reunion led him to hand over two plastic bags filled with his writings.”


“I got to know him through his lyrics,” she says now, “and a correspondence started where we sent each other tapes and songs. I started to write melodies to his lyrics, and, finally, I wrote my own songs and recorded my own demos.”

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