Your Brother, Remember? – Project Arts Centre – Review

Another odd ball piece of theatre, which would no doubt annoy our friend Fintan but would leave the rest of us with a smirk on our faces! Zachary Oberzan is one of the many kids that made home movies, his were reenactments of such classics as Kickboxer (Jean Claude Van Damme) and Faces of Death, and indeed if you can’t learn from such gems, where can you learn? His cast were his older brother Gator and younger sister.

Twenty years later, he has recreated these home movies, with all the ravages of time and life. His older brother got involved in drugs and ended up in jail for a period and has also put on a few pounds. The differences between their younger and older selves are there for all to see, from fresh faced innocents to their present incarnations.

This is largely a video piece, but we are lead through the events by Zachary, who often recreates live what is happening on the screen. We are brought scene by pivotal scene through Kickboxer to climatic ending, sometimes with the younger selves, sometimes the older and often Jean-Claude himself! This is a free form and loose piece which is often very funny and inventive.

Your Brother, Remember? ran from the 11th to the 13th of October, as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Conceived, Directed, Edited & Performed by Zachary Oberzan

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