Halcyon Days – Smock Alley – Review

Halcyon Days is a two hander starring Anita Reeves and Stephen Brennan, set in an nursing home in Dublin. Patrica (Reeves) is a new arrival at the home, and seems out of place, as she is much younger than the other inhabitants. She meets Sean (Brennan) in the conservatory, and they soon form a close friendship. Sean is a former actor, and Patrica a former teacher, and their love of the arts draw them together as kindred spirits.

Stephen Brennan stands out as the aging actor, who seems deeply isolated in the home, having lost touch with most of his family and loved ones. He is trapped in a world where he is without companionship of any kind, and the arrival of Patrica draws him out and shows that there is much life, spirit and wit left in this old man.

Deirdre Kinahan’s plot is simple, touching and very funny at times, and covers similar ground to the great Alan Bennett, discussing those lost and marginalized in society due to their age or illness, and showing that they still have heart and humor.

Halcyon Days finishes today at 3.30 in Smock Alley Theatre, so you have one last chance to see it!

Production: Tall Tales Theatre Company & Solstice Arts Centre

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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