The Boys of Foley Street – Anu Productions – Review

Having seen Anu productions two previous pieces in last years festival, this was probably the play I was most looking forward to in the festival, and it did not disappoint! While last year’s Laundry was always going to hard to beat, due to the setting in the Magdalene laundry in Sean McDermott street and the various ghosts the building brings with it, as a piece of writing, this was probably the best of the three plays so far.

At the opening of the piece, we were invited to stand outside the lab on Foley street and listen to a short piece on headphones about an interview Pat Kenny carried out on that exact spot in the early 80’s. While listening I noticed a man in his 20’s, walking up the street wearing a track suit and carrying a sleeping bag and bottle of cider in one hand, and a crutch in the other. And so it begins…

The piece itself deals with the history of the area, including the Dublin bombings in the 70’s, the drug abuse that started in the 80’s and continues to this day and the various attempts to clean up the area, by the community. The audience member is brought down alley ways, into garages and in possibly the most intimidating scenes, into one of the local flats by various guides and characters.

Anu productions continue to be inventive and thought provoking, and once more you have to wonder what they’ll come up with next! This is the third installment of the four part series, so I’m sure they’ll be back in next years festival. They’ve set the bar very high for themselves!

The Boys of Foley street continues until the 13th of October, and runs each day between 11 AM and 9 PM. I can only wonder at how threatening those flats and alley ways would be after dark!

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