Campaign to bring back the Dublin Tenement Experience!


I made a couple of failed attempts to make it to the Dublin Tenement Experience, which took place in No. 14 Henrietta Street and ran for two months until August 31st. Anu productions are the people behind the Boys of Foley Street and Luandry, and this is their latest piece of immersive theatre in a wonderful old Georgian building on one of the most atmospheric streets of Dublin. As word of mouth grew and a variety of glowing reviews starting to arrive, the Dublin Tenement Experience sold out, and the frenzy to get tickets grew.

A few tickets were held back and released on the day, and people went to huge lengths to secure one of these prize possessions. I went along one Sunday morning at 8 to find 6 people already ahead of me in the queue. Sadly there was only 4 tickets available that day, so I failed. On the last day, someone actually camped on the door step! A little bit extreme, but none the less, this was something special and worth seeing.

I went along on the last day, for another attempt to get a ticket, and again there was 8 people in front of me, waiting for returns. From a quick chat with the person on the door, there’s a small chance of the Tenement Experience returning. It’s a complicated show, requiring the permission of the Irish Hertigate Trust, Dublin City Council, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, as well as getting the actors back etc, but fingers crossed we’ll see it return, as it would be a great tourist attraction for the city. If you’re interested in seeing it, please add your voice to the comments section below.

“Living the Lockout gives you a rare opportunity to see inside an undisturbed tenement property and get a taste of life 100 years ago in Dublin. Visiting Number 14 Henrietta Street is like walking into a time capsule: the house has lain virtually unchanged since 1913 and gives you an authentic glimpse into a tenement home. Here you will witness the impact on families of the momentous events that took place in Dublin one hundred years ago in the Lockout.”

Award-winning ANU Productions who has brought the former tenement house at 14 Henrietta Street in Dublin’s north inner city to life with their real life drama of a family caught up is the struggle of the Great Lock-Out of 1913. Now this great team of artist are on board with helping the local community of the North Inner City with their expertise in drama to bring to life the famous baton charge of 1913 in Sackville Street (O’Connell Street) on the 31st of August 1913.

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  1. Was luckyto get 2 tickets the last weekend. My wife andi wentto the early show. It was powerful and very emotional, a number of people were in tears after it had finished. You felt you were part of what was happening in front of you. I would love to see it again, a fantastic 40 mins.

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