Darklight Festival 2012 – Preview

The Darklight festival is one I’ve largely ignored, and i can’t really put a finger on why! It should be right up my alley, but I’ve only gone to a handful of events over the years. So, will it be any different this year?

Here are a few events that are worth looking out for…

1. Making a Monster –  The Director Jon Wright and VFX supervisor Paddy Eason of Grabbers “discuss the creative, technical and budgetary challenges involved in bringing writer Kevin Lehane’s brilliant script to the big screen”.

2. In Conversation with Seamus McGarvey – One of Eire’s own sons, come good, Seamus is the Oscar nominated Cinematographer of ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ and is in conversation.

3. In Conversation with Terence Davies – This event along with a retrospective of his work shown at the IFI over the weekend will give you all you need to know about the English actor, director and writer.

4. Grabbers – This is an outdoor screening of the new Irish monster movie. Lets hope the weather keeps up for them!

Full events list are here, and there’s more than a few interesting ones…

Categories: Festivals, Movies

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