Things to do

Things to do in Dublin – 7th to 13th August

A day late but worth the wait… We’ll not really. It’s a quiet week in Dublin after some fun weeks over the last while.

1.Free Shakespeare in the Park – The Tempest – Iveagh Gardens – All Week – This definitely something worth a look. Free and unticketed, so you can just turn up. You’re encouraged to bring a blanket and picnic, so they want you to make a night of it!

2. Franz Nicolay (Hold Steady) – Workmans Club – 8th August –  Gig of the week is only the gig of the week by default! It’s a quiet one in truth, and the only other real option is Sepultura on Saturday at the Academy, for those you had long hair in their youth!

3. 7 year Itch – Lighthouse Cinema  – 8th August – One of Billy Wilder’s finest movie, staring Marlyn Monroe at her finest. Teenage kicks continues at the IFI also, with the Breakfast Club and Pretty in pink this weekend. God, that’s tempting!

4. Art Picnic at the Project Arts Centre – 9th August – Lunch time fun at the project, it’s 4 euro, including grub!

5. Neil Jordan at IMMA – 9th August – 5 PM – Hear Neil Jordan talk about his Sam Beckett adaptation from 2001. Pity it’s on early, as I’d go to that one!

Really, it’s Kilkenny we should all be heading to, with a great line up, especially some very fine music with Josh T Pearson and A Winged victory for the Sullen my stand out acts.

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