Beautiful and poignant: Homemade Super 8 movie for Broken Social Scene track

Sometimes it’s the simple things that get me. Someone posted a homemade Super 8 movie as a backdrop to the incredibly beautiful Broken Social Scene track, Guilty Cubicles. We all have memories of the places where we grew up and the combination of sound and visuals here just seem to work perfectly for me. I find it very moving and I get very nostalgic for the summers spent on the beach when I was small. I showed this to my 2-year-old son last night and between rocking his head slowly from side to side in time with the music (it’s quite hypnotic) he also pointed out the things that seem familiar to him (albeit in different locales) – the playground, the swimming pool, cars… It made me wonder what memories he will have of the places he is growing up in… hopefully they’re good ones too – JR

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  1. I’d say the little guys memories will be just like Angela’s Ashes, all rain and misery in post Celtic tiger Dublin!

    Lovely video actually, although anything looks cool in Super 8.

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