Movies – 8-06-12

A wet weekend in Dublin, so what is there to do? Well, no movie is jumping out at me, so I guess it’s all about the football (seriously, did you think I’d say anything else?).

If you’re one of those that suffer from football-phobia, a nasty condition, there’s a few out there that might be worth heading along to.

Even the rain might be the best release of the week, which is a tale of movie makers descending on a small south american town to tell the story of Christopher Colombus. Could this compare in any way to Robbie Keane sticking the ball in the back of the Croatian’s net?

Ill Manors is a movie about drugs and other guff in London, and is directed by ‘visionary artist’ Plan B (the trailers says he’s visionary anyway). It gets mixed reviews, and looks like you’d be taking a risk going to it (How about Damien Duff nut megging a Spanish full back? Much better).

Other releases include a documentary on Woodie Allen, Will Farrell Spanish movie ‘Casa de mi padre’ and a couple of suspect sounding horror movies. Better stick to the football!

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