Eigse – 2012

Eigse is the Carlow Art Festival, and is generally worth a visit. It is particularly strong in the visual arts, but also has theatre and music.

There is art work by Alice Beresford, Anthony Lyttle and others, but Brian Duggan’s one sounds the most interesting. Duggan’s piece in Visual is based around Heaven’s Gate, the 1980 film that caused United Artist to go bust!

The piece “evokes Heaven’s Gate (a film made by Michael Cimino in 1980) through place, costume and activity—transporting VISUAL Carlow visitors into a timber and canvas barn at America’s 19th century mid western frontier. Duggan asks the participant to skate—to imagine the happiness of a community of immigrants fraught with difficulties in their new lives, but able to shake off the dirt and corruption in this heavenly place of elegance and exuberance.”

This year it boasts a strong Literary section with Lionel Shriver (We need to talk about Kevin), Mike Scott (Doing the rounds with his new book!), John Banville and Anne Enright to name but a few.

See the Rollerskate dance in Heaven’s Gate below.

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